Pet nappers
Pet nappers

Pet transport service in and around Reading

(Please pre book in advance)

Pet Nappers is a dedicated pet transporting service, transporting domestic animals from home to vet, kennel, cattery or groomers. In fact anywhere where you need to get them.

Up until now if you had to get your animal seen by a vet you either had to have your own transport, prevail on the kindness of a relative or friend, or pay additional fees for a home visit by a vet and usually a nurse.

Some taxi companies would allow you to take a cat in a cat carrier with you but few welcomed it and almost none would transport dogs.

With PetNappers each animal receives individual attention and is transported securely in a carrier, a large cage or behind a dog guard. We can take you along with your pet.

We service Reading, Maidenhead, Bracknell and beyond.

Please read our terms and conditions.

Our services:
  • Pet transport
  • All animals carried
  • Transport to the vet
  • Individual attention for animals
Transport for pets when moving house outside of the area can be arranged. We have moved several cats from Reading to the North of England.
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